Options for quality senior care

Posted on August 25, 2009
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As we get older, so do our parents.  We are responsible to care and to look after them.  Of course, that is what they did for us when we were smaller.  The changes that need to be made for their care alter not only our families but our entire households.  You need to consider several different options to ensure their quality of life.

One option would be to have a professional come to the home and look after the everyday living needs of your parents.  They would do the small tasks around the house such as cleaning and cooking.  That is expensive and time consuming for one person to handle, therefore, the social part of the day is short or non-existent.  For assistance with this type of care at home program it has become more and more difficult to tap into as resources become rarer and more expensive.

To care for seniors in a private care setting is quite expensive, usually in the price range of approximately twenty dollars an hour.  That can easily be beyond the average family’s means?  What can one do? One solution might be to have them stay in their home or yours alone during the day.  In today’s world, normally, both parties are out at work and that solution will wear on someone day after day.  It may also affect your job performance which could cost you your job.  And in today’s world, most households need 2 incomes just to make ends meet.

The other option would be for you to stay home and take care of your senior loved one.  Most of us would love to spend time at home with our families but in these cases again it is wearing and trying on everyone.  The other factor is the social impact.  They would not have quality time with their senior friends.  Seniors need their social time with their peers to keep them stimulated, alert and enriched.

I believe the only solution to the problem, if you are looking to have your loved one stay in their home or yours, is an Adult Day Care Program, which can be extremely cost effective. When done through a quality facility, your loved one will enjoy the company of other seniors and a heightened quality of life. They will receive proper medical attention, assistance with bathing and a hot meal in the middle of the day.

Consider such a program. Even if you have the time and energy for caring for your senior loved one, enrolling them into an adult day program will most likely enhance their quality of life and perhaps even extend their life.

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